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The River Line Historic Area embraces historic and natural resources West of the Chattahoochee River to unite the community as a place of distinction linking Vinings, Smyrna, and Mableton, Georgia

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The Hooper-Turner House


American Heritage

important to our community


10 Talking Points



The Hooper-Turner House


In the News



December 1, 2014

Atlanta Journal


November 10, 2014

Marietta Daily Journal


November 7, 2014

Atlanta Journal Article


 Civil War Hospital - Local Oral Legend

May 13, 2007

Marietta Daily Journal




Be There!

November 10, 2014

Monday 6 pm


100 Cherokee St., 2nd floor,  Marietta, GA  30090


Cobb County Historic Preservation Commission is

reviewing Smyrna's request to demolish

 the Hooper-Turner House

(See "Certificate of Appropriateness" sign below)


Attend the meeting.

Let the Cobb HPC know demolition of this

American Heritage Landmark,

The Hooper-Turner House




Wear a red shirt as a sign of solidarity.




 You Were There!

In red



  Thanks to all who attended the Cobb County Historic Preservation Commission meeting on Nov 10. The meeting room was packed with  Hooper-Turner House supporters!


For updates on the HT House, send your email address to Meggan Delano at HOOPERTURNERHOUSE@GMAIL.COM



Demolition is still in store for the house unless a friendly buyer surfaces by Christmas. 







The Chattahoochee River Line Preservation Plan 


View the Plan

60 Mb


 Last Public Meeting, July 8, 2014

South Cobb Community Center

620 Lions Club Drive, Mableton, GA 30126


Where is the

Chattahoochee River Line Battlefield?


 This project is sponsored by the

 Mableton Improvement Coalition

 funded with a grant from the

National Park Service American Battlefield Protection Program

 For more information contact Robin Meyer




Save the

Hooper-Turner House!


5811 Oakdale Rd., Mableton, GA 30126


Change Smyrna's

Demolition plans


Preservation plans  


The house is the focal point of the 7 mile

River Line Historic Area

and integral to uniting

our community as a place of distinction.


Hooper-Turner House

 Read about its history 


 Hooper-Turner House

Let's make its future


The Vision

River Line Historic Landmark &

 multi-purpose community place

conceptual exterior plans 

(2.58 mb)

conceptual floor plans

 1632 sq. ft. finished

646 sq. ft. unfinished space


Be a preservation cheerleader.

Send your name and email to


for preservation communications.

Act now!

This historic landmark's days are numbered.


Interior Photo Gallery 

Front Entry Living Room 

Side Door Entrance

Dining Room




Bedroom Closets






Do you live in

The River Line Historic Area?




click here for map


All contiguous 40 acre land lots

west of the Chattahoochee River

with River Line earthworks on the

Cobb County Civil War

 trench inventory map

 are included in

The River Line Historic Area.


click here to see RLHA

neighborhoods of distinction 





The Shoupades

A Worldwide Exclusive!


Model of a Civil War Shoupade fortification



    The River Line Historic Area derives its name from Johnston's River Line,

a 6 to 7 mile line of Civil War trenches

 and forts along the Chattahoochee River 

named after

Confederate General Joseph E. Johnston,

who authorized its construction.

    Johnston's River Line

 is particularly significant due to its unique fortifications called Shoupades,

a worldwide exclusive to Cobb County designed by Confederate Brigadier General Francis A. Shoup.

    The Cherokee Indians occupied

 the land that would become

 Cobb County during the

1832 land lottery,

then populated by

 European farmers

 and evolving into the

diverse culture of today.