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The River Line Historic Area embraces historic and natural resources West of the Chattahoochee River to unite the community as a place of distinction linking Vinings, Smyrna, and Mableton, Georgia

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The River Line Historic Area   
  Master Plan Map 
The Chattahoochee River Line Battlefield
 is highlighted in light gray on this map
Click on map to open as a printable PDF file (4.73 MB).

Black and white map detailing boundaries of the RLHA.  

4 primary defense lines in Cobb County
  • Lost Mountain - Brushy Mountain Line
  • Kennesaw Mountain Line
  • Smyrna Line
  • Johnston's Chattahoochee River Line (historic basis for the RLHA)

Source:  Architecture, Archaeology and Landscapes:  Resources for Historic Preservation in Unincorporated Cobb county, Georgia by Darlene R. Roth. Ph.D.

Atlanta Area Civil War Battle Lines, June to September 1864 - b&w map

Source:  The Campaign for Atlanta by William R. Scaife 

Source:  Smyrna Historical Society map collection, Smyrna, GA
Notice how the trails converge at the Chattahoochee River aligned with The River Line Historic Area like a modern day "spaghetti junction" West of current day Atlanta.